Caution: may increase gawkers, slow drive-bys, and green-eyed neighbours.



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Here's the Cheats Way to Transform the Street Appeal of your Home - even if you have no experience, zero creative skills and the ugliest house on the street!

Melanie’s Story... 
Melanie’s Story...

After battling the evening traffic, Melanie pulled into her driveway and sighed deeply. 

She put her SUV into park and sat there for a moment. She turned down the radio and glared at her house, hands folded in her lap. 

Just like she did every single time she pulled into that damn driveway…

She studied the outside of her home and wondered…

Why did she hate it so much?

Why did it embarrass her when friends came over for the first time?

Why did she always feel compelled to say, “We’ve done so much work - it’s much nicer on the inside, I swear!” whenever anyone wanted to visit?

And - most importantly - 

Why couldn’t she fix it - whatever IT, the big, huge, glaring problem was - herself?

She’d watched all the home improvement shows. She’d scoured design magazines for clues. She’d gone on Pinterest and saved a million ideas…

But very few of them worked for HER house. 

And the ones that might be a good fit for that style of home? 

She had no idea how to achieve them.

Melanie sighed again. 

She had new friends coming over this weekend, and the added stress of knowing that their first impression would be THIS - this ugly, depressing, brown brick house with barely any landscaping - was almost enough to make her want to cancel their visit. 

She shook her head, turned off the ignition, and headed inside…

If you’re still reading, you probably know exactly how Melanie feels.

Do you drive through your neighbourhood admiring all the gorgeous houses with a twinge of envy - then feel immediate disappointment as you pull up to your own home?

Maybe you’ve tried to change it already - spending hours and hours looking for inspiration, struggling to find ideas that fit your style, home, and budget…

You’re fed up to the back teeth about not knowing what to do. You’re ready to do something NOW.

There’s only one problem…

You're stuck!... 

You've got lots of ideas, but can't seem to pull it all together in a way you're happy with.



Street Appeal Academy


- one that will have you on track to the home of your dreams in no time…



Street Appeal Academy

"The course was super straight forward and easy to follow. I didn’t really know what to do so I just followed the instructions in bite size, step by step format and trusted the process. I would not rate myself as any good at artistic endeavours and had made a few renovation mistakes in the past, so I am rather proud of the final result!"

- Alison J. (Chandler, QLD)
The neighbours are already talking - make sure the gossip is good!


The neighbours are already talking - make sure the gossip is good!

(Payment options available)

What Is Street Appeal Academy?

Street Appeal Academy is a short course that guides you step-by-step to design your very own facade & front yard. 

You can also access 1:1 private design sessions to help you elevate your Street Appeal even more (optional - see following).

With our Best On The Block Methodology, Street Appeal Academy makes it possible for any homeowner to turn their underwhelming exterior into a home they’re proud to point to as their own.

No matter your home’s current style, the look you're waiting to achieve, or your budget, we'll show you the best and quickest way to…

  • Transform your home with a knockout colour scheme

  • Reinvent your facade with just the right design details and product selections for your windows, doors, entryway, garage, roof, pathways, driveway, carport, fences, and everything in between

  • Refresh your yard with a gorgeous but practical landscaping plan

  • Pull together your new look with fresh ideas for fences, mailbox, lighting and every other detail large and small

And to make sure you're going to love your facade 100% before starting the improvements, we’ll show you how to have your ideas professionally illustrated in 3D colour.*

*Optional colour illustration artist’s fee is an additional $150-$500.

"Totally recommend as it will save you money and time making expensive mistakes. The builders loved the guide for them to follow also. So so happy with our new facade design. Amazing!!!" 

- T. Gaff

"Totally recommend as it will save you money and time making expensive mistakes. The builders loved the guide for them to follow also. So so happy with our new facade design. Amazing!!!" 

- T. Gaff


Street Appeal Academy

(Payment options available)

A Note From Jane
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Hi! I'm Jane Eyles-Bennett, an exterior designer with 30 years experience (yikes!). 

I've developed a simple step-by-step formula to help you transform the front of your home with ease and confidence.

This is my very own secret process that I've refined over the years and I use it every day in my own design practice.  It works like a charm for any house and any renovation budget ($10,000+). That’s a big claim, I know - but it's true.

Whether you're a complete novice or have some experience, you'll walk away with a solid plan to streamline the exterior renovation of your home, and finally be able to come home to street appeal you love! - Jane

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Who is Street Appeal Academy for?

Perfect for people who:

  • Want Street Appeal that stands out - in a good way!
  • Are planning a mini make-over OR major overhaul.
  • Want to use professional tradespeople OR get their hands dirty with DIY.
Please note:

Just like your home renovation project isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’, neither is our program. 

For example, this is not a how-to course with lessons on how to paint, how to tile, perform repairs etc (if you want help with that, check out the Bunnings website and YouTube for thousands of home improvement how-to videos).

Alternatively, maybe you don’t want to be hands-on at all!

If you prefer a white-glove solution where your design is presented to you on a silver platter, our custom design services might be a better choice. Want something completely done-for-you? No problem. 

Full-service design fees start at $5900+gst - click here to explore this option.

Street Appeal Academy is not just a colour picking course.

Sure, colours are important, but they’re not everything.

Why is it that ‘architect designed’ homes usually look amazing and DIY renos often do not?

It’s because those in the know never rely solely on colours. A stunning design stems from a carefully curated selection of materials, products, design details, textures, … and yes, colours as well! 

Every 'wow-factor' facade incorporates 6 Golden Design Rules. Without them, the front of your home will look incohesive, amateurish and lacking that Wow factor you so badly want to achieve.

The best part? They don't cost any more to incorporate into your home, and they work on ANY property - big or small, old or new, brick, timber or render.

Street Appeal Academy teaches you how to use these Golden Design Rules on your own home - helping you create stunning Street Appeal you'd never achieve with colour alone.

Forget keeping up with the Joneses.

After you complete Street Appeal Academy, the Joneses will be scrambling to keep up with YOU.

“You can paint your house, you can overhaul your yard, you can even replace your roof, front fence and all your windows…
But without the Golden Design Rules at play, it will lack the honed 'designer' look you get from a professionally crafted facade.”

- Jane Eyles-Bennett
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How Does The course Work?

When you enrol in Street Appeal Academy, you’ll receive instant access to our step-by-step lessons including short video tutorials and bite-sized progress tasks. 

Within as little as 2 weeks, you'll create your very own professional Facade Design Plan and Renovation Budget.

Then, it's time to start renovating!

Whether you're an absolute beginner or a veteran renovator, we take you by the hand and guide you to create a tasteful, timeless, and achievable design that you can confidently implement with the help of local tradies or DIY at your own pace.

In addition to the video lessons, you can also book 1:1 90 minute design sessions to super-charge your design and really have your facade looking stunning! 

Here's What's Inside... 

>>> 8 Modules consisting of short videos, step-by-step tasks, spreadsheets, templates and all the cheat-sheets you need to come up with your perfect design - fast!


Module 1: Analysis/Pre-design

In this module, we'll look at your big picture goals, figure out your budget and discover what kinds of changes might be possible for your home.

Module 2: Pinpoint your Dream Style

In this module, we explore possible design styles for your exterior renovation & begin gathering relevant ideas using some nifty design tricks!

Module 3: the Golden Design Rules

In Module 3, you’ll start to incorporate the Golden Design Rules into your home so you can finally achieve that 'Wow' factor you've been seeking.

Module 4: THE 6 R'S

This is where we'll identify all the things you'll need to do to make your Dream Facade a reality. Eliminate nasty surprises by identifying your 'to-do' list now, as well as ballpark costings and any possible council or legal implications. 

Master Lesson 1: Analysis/Pre-design

In this phase, you’ll start to understand what big picture changes you’ll need so you can kick off the design process with a solid foundation (no pun intended)!

Master Lesson 2: Exploration

During Master Lesson 2, you’ll increase your design awareness and vocabulary and learn how to pinpoint home-appropriate design styles you love.

Master Lesson 3: Introduction to The 6 Golden Design Rules

Congratulations! Only 3 lessons in, you’ll start designing your professional-grade reno with The 6 Golden Design Rules. These will help you achieve that 'Wow' factor you've been seeking!

Master Lesson 4: Step By Step Breakdown

You won’t miss a beat after Master Lesson 4. This lesson will help you create a complete breakdown of everything you need to do to make your reno a reality - including estimating preliminary costs.

Master Lesson 5: Design Time!

In this exciting lesson, you’ll begin to see it all come together! Here, you’ll finalise your design including choosing all colours, materials, landscaping, lighting and more.

Master Lesson 6: Your Design: Materialised

Here you'll articulate your design in full detail to eliminate gaps and learn how to get it illustrated in full colour by a professional artist.* You can see and approve of your design before shelling out a single dollar to tradies.

Master Lesson 7: Finishing Touches!

In Master Lesson 7, you get the last few details in place to finalise your quotes, make small design changes (if necessary), and start your reno!

Master Lesson 8: Hit The Ground Running!

You’ve made it through! In Master Lesson 8, you’ll learn how to ensure your renovation runs smoothly, stays on budget, and turns out exactly the way you’d envisaged!

Module 5: Bringing it all together!

In this exciting module, we explore even more ideas and begin to integrate the best of the best seamlessly into your facade and front yard design. Now's when you’ll start to finalise all your colours, materials, design details, landscaping, lighting and everything in between!

Module 6: Your Design: Materialised

Now it's time to start making your renovation vision a reality. In this module, you'll create your very own Facade Design Plan - capturing all your chosen colours, products, and materials all in one easy-to-read document. Why create this document?   
1) Seamless communication with tradies & suppliers (avoid miscommunications, budget blow-outs etc)   
2) Keep your renovation on track 
3) Plan your renovation according to your budget   
4) Give to the illustrator so they know what to draw! (optional).


In Module 7, you'll put the last few details in place to finalise your design, make any last-minute adjustments, gather final quotes, then get this show on the road!

Module 8: Hit The Ground Running!

Ensure your renovation runs smoothly, stays on budget, and turns out exactly the way you’d envisaged with these easy-to-use project plan templates and renovation costings spreadsheets.

That’s not all you’ll get, though...
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Why Street Appeal Academy Is Different…

There are a thousand different ways you could redesign your own home, as you may have already discovered!

Help is here! Street Appeal Academy sets you free from the cycle of confusion and overwhelm. No more scrolling through Pinterest for hours only to wind up more clueless than when you started!

Also, there’s no one-size-fits-all advice here. As you progress through the modules, you’ll create a truly exceptional design - one that fits your home perfectly, stays within your budget and helps you stand out for all the right reasons.

Design in hand, the next step is to find your team who can make it happen. Street Appeal Academy shows you how to find great tradies and make sure they turn up!

Ready to get started? Great! It’s all waiting for you inside…


Street Appeal Academy

(Payment options available)

You’re Still Reading? Perhaps You Have Some Questions…


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Just in case you want a little extra reassurance though, we guarantee that your enrolment in our course is 100% risk-free. 

If, after two weeks of participation in Street Appeal Academy, you decide it’s not the right course for you, just reach out to our customer service team and we’ll refund 100% of your tuition – no questions asked.

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